Because Of My Granddad

Hello and welcome to Casino LA, we’re pleased you’ve taken an interest in visiting our website.

Let me begin by saying, if you are visiting this website you may enjoy casinos and the accommodations that they have to offer, I too am an avid fan.

My initial infatuation with casinos began when I was young because my grandfather, far before I was born, owned a local casino, or parlor lounge – how they called it. He would always tell me stories of his “casino days” and my imagination would run wild. His reminiscences always included the comfortable, yet sophisticated atmosphere, exquisite fine dining entertained by comedy acts, orchestras, or bands, and of course the plethora of gambling options.

To my grandfather, the live baccarat online usa was a “home away from home” where he would relax, unwind, socialize, and just enjoy the ambiance. Unfortunately, my grandfather sold the casino in the late 1950’s due to wanting more time with family and focusing on other ventures. Although, the physical casino was no longer in the family, the elaborate stories my grandfather told remained.

Needless to say, when I reached of age, my first vacation retreat was to a casino. Upon visiting, I was enthralled in all of the splendors that much related to the stories my grandfather had once told me. However, as I branched out to explore casinos in different states/countries my experiences weren’t quite as satisfactory.

For over a decade, I have stopped in or stayed at hundreds to thousands of casinos across the US, even the world, but in my travels I’ve found nothing that compares to the casinos of home; Los Angeles, California.

For those of whom that have the “what’s the reason for this website?” question in the back of their mind, I’ve become quite knowledgeable of casinos in nearly all areas and have come to realize that a great number of the best are in LA.

For this reason, I attempt to promote LA casinos utilizing my myriad of past experiences; showing what sets them apart and makes them unique from all others.
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